At the beginning of the month, A$AP Worldwide announced AWGE in which they spoke about how they were going to take over the month of August with A$AP projects. Twelvyy’s was the first and it was something special. The transformation he’s made from hood rapper to somewhat of an underground indie rapper with a unique style is amazing, he’s always been good but the past year has been able to prove why he’s the best talent in the mob behind Rocky. 12 offers an insight into New York life, and it brings out the best in everyone on the album – just check A Glorious Death with Flatbush Zombies for proof.


Another undiscovered Soundcloud gem, Spencer. hails from New York and has a sound like Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean and Marco McKinnis. An easy going style of music at this time of year goes so well as you can just sit back admiring the weather and nature to this 3-track EP, slow melodic beats and guitars help make up the background as well as some samples such as ESG’s UFO on When U Come Around (the same harrowing sample on Yessir! From DOOM and Raekwon). It’s worth your time and Spencer. is worth tons of praise for what he’s been able to make.


Ferg was part of the trifecta that was AWGE. Whilst Still Striving may not be his best work is still definitely worth the listen even if just for his Cam’ron feature. Ferg has always had a distinctive style and even though some suggest he fell off with projects like Ferg Forever he’s come back with this release and proved a lot of people wrong. Packed with strong guest features, strong verses and good production, Ferg has proven his worth as one of New York’s head honchos. Definitely worth the listen.


Fool’s Gold’s Leaf set off the mark with a bang with her debut album Trinity. Rapping, singing and just all round good vibes will leave you impressed with what you hear as Fool’s Gold seem to have yet another gem on their hands. It’s hard to pick a favourite song but Gimmie Some is one that sticks with you due to the heavy beat and vocals, Leaf is sure to be a name you’ll know in future.


Bronson is back with that outlandish, crazy ridiculous sound and it feels like it’s been so long. Bam Bam has been taking over the TV world with Fuck, That’s Delicious so much so that some people assumed he was done with music. How wrong they were. The third installment in the Blue Chips series sees Action return to form, with masterful wordplay and rhymes only the Queens’ artist can deliver. Catchy hooks and punchlines are part of what has made him so successful, as well as production which was covered by longtime collaborators Alchemist and Party Supplies as well as a host of other names. I may be biased, but this is one of the best rap projects of 2017.


UK’s dub kings Chase & Status come back with Tribe, proving that these heavyweights can go track for track with anyone in their genre in any era. The tracklist is highlighted by their impressive connections again as songs like Dubplate Original have got Kano and Know About We has Section Boyz, the duo aren’t to be overlooked and it’s definitely worth checking out going into these colder months. Chase & Status always remind me of the transition into the new academic year as a lot of their releases come around the late August-September mark so the nostalgia means I always greet their releases even more.


A$AP definitely took over the game with the final release of AWGE. Amazing production, amazing verses and a ridiculously wonderfully hyped album with features including names like; Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, ScHoolboy Q and even Frank Ocean. Of course the mob themselves delivered better than ever. The album even has a track gifted to Joey Bada$$ and other members of the beast coast movement like Meechy Darko and Nick Caution – like a callback to the days the east coast broke through. This is one of the most inventive, original and inspiring things put out in recent memory and it’s no surprise it’s coming from arguably the most influential hip-hop collective of this generation.


Rayment’s 38 EP caught my attention the other night as I was trawling through Soundcloud trying to find some new music for a long drive I was going on and it hit me that this was something I needed on my iPod. The samples and production on Erykah remind me of early 2000s garage mixed with techno-house and it’s incredible and when you get to Way Too Raw with Macz it’s able to compete with every other dub-cum-grime song out today. Articulate Sound’s caught lightning in a bottle here.


One of the more exciting talents coming out of London has that trap style that’s so popular mixed with originality in terms of bars and flows. Yung K is a relatively new artist and if this release is anything to go by he’s going to be a pretty big deal. Songs like Verbal Shootout bring a 67 and early Channel U days sound together to make something unlike other music on the market. With a realism about him, he’s an interesting character with bars that paint the grim reality for some on the streets of England’s capital.


Kodak Black may not be everybody’s cup of tea that’s for sure but there is no denying that he does possess some talent. Project Baby 2 is proof of this, as the 20 year old shocked a lot of the hip-hop world due to the quality of the tape. Roll in Peace featuring fellow Miami star XXXTentacion is arguably the song of the summer and Transportin’ ingeniously samples Geto Boys’ Mind Playing Tricks On Me and shows how effortlessly Kodak can rap over old school beats like he has done previously. With people calling him the new Lil Wayne for a while, there’s a lot to live up to with that title, but the 2nd instalment in the Project Baby series shows he may well be on his way to Lil Wayne status someday.

Some dope releases were put out this month, and there’s many more to come before 2017 ends. Whilst you’re here check out my Musical Miscellany featuring some songs mentioned here and a plethora of others here. (Omid please link in, thank you).

Words by Rohan Parmar.


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