Jehst hifiGot your tickets for Jehst yet? If not, Leeds MC ABD picks his favourite tracks to remind you why you need to get on it.


I think this is the classic sound/era that people associate most with Jehst (circa 2001.) That “stream of consciousness” writing steez is his signature style. This is also one of my favourite Jehst beats; the Sarah Vaughn oboe sample and S950 drum breaks are so distinctive.

“Liquid Diction”

The “Premonitions” EP from 1999 is like the UK’s equivalent of Eminem’s “Infinite” EP; an often forgotten-about piece of history from one of our heroes. It might not be his best work but it’s different; you can hear him honing his style on this. His flow sounds much more staccato and less relaxed than on his later work.


The clear stand-out track from “The Dragon of an Ordinary Family.” It’s so raw and socially on point. He tackles just about everything negative and current about this country, and the closing lines summarise how the British youth were feeling at the time.

“Water Torture”

OK this was a feature for Cee Why, but Jehst’s verse was so influential at the time. I remember me and my mates listening to his opening lines: “Yo I decapitate whack and fake rappers at a rapid rate//Either take cover, or run like the clappers mate” and being like “Woah, those two lines  teach you how to rap!” Every device you can think of for making things rhyme, he uses in that bar. Banger!

“E.S.P (Extra Sensory Perfection)”

For me this is Jehst at his absolute very best. Show me a British poet from any genre – any period in history – that this doesn’t measure up against:

“…Forbidden fruit of youth in the fingers of the grave digger

Manipulated my late-night sanctum

The lone catalyst of my tantrum

Her tender touch turns to talons

In her tempers clutch I bleed burgundy gallons

Her crimson lips lick my wounds

Her tongue tastes the claret

My pain is vintage, her comfort is twenty-four carat

In a golden moment of havoc my heart beats haphazard

My brain bleeds black ballads that embarrass the author

My favourite torture

I drown in the depths of my mermaid’s water

At war with the storms daughter

The tornadoes sister, she’s twisting my aura

I’m caught in her barbed wire

Burning up in her hearts fire

Bathed in the flames of my fury…”

And it goes on for 3minutes of unbroken lyrical genius!

Daddy Abe (aka ABD) is well known on the Leeds hip hop scene having been a part of Alphabetix and 10 Tonne Slug as well as solo releases in both guises. He’s known for his boom bap sensibilities, keen ear for a sample, and distinctive delivery. His forthcoming album, Roots and Fruits, drops soon on Bandcamp.



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