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EPMD More Bounce

To get you in the mood – DIDJIT from More Bounce gives you a rundown of his top 10 EPMD tracks

1. It’s My Thing

In a highly competitive era, this was the track that announced EPMD’s arrival.

2. So Wat Cha Sayin’?

The first single from EPMD’s second album delivered a lyrical dismissal of any remaining doubters: People round town talking this and that/Of how we sound like The R, and our music was whack/Dropped the album Strictly Business and you thought we was bold/Thirty days later the LP went gold/So wat cha sayin?

3. Rampage

By the time of the third album, EPMD were signed to the mighty Def Jam label. So many tracks on this album. Rampage featured the Prince of Rap, LL Cool J, with some ground-breaking cuts by DJ Scratch

4. On My Jock

When this was released, Redman’s superstardom was still in the future. EPMD launched him on the world, and this track was one of the one’s that kicked it all off – some hard rhymes flipped over Nautilus.

5. Crossover

Here, EPMD address the question of where to go when rap is out of control on the first single from the fourth album, Business Never Personal. A genius tune with lyrical substance and funk for the dancefloor.

6. Brothers from Brentwood

..and while we’re at it let’s give the B-Side of that release some shine. Erick Sermon’s production here is masterful, flipping the beauty of a beat, Blind Alley. The B-Side wins again?

7. Chill

An LP cut from Business Never Personal. When I play this one out people usually come and ask when it came out. Way ahead of it’s time.

8. It’s Going Down

EPMD’s contribution to the soundtrack of the classic NYC film, Juice, this one is definitely going down. Dripping with dense funk, it’s like you’re hearing it booming from a passing car.

9. Boon Dox

EPMD’s albums were full of great tracks that never made it as singles – and this, the opener from the fourth LP is a case in point. A new level of production. Powerful.

10. Intrigued

It’s tough to limit this list to ten. The last one is hard to choose, but I’m going for a track featuring Das EFX from the album Back in Business – the LP EPMD made when they reformed following a whole load of drama. Still got that funk.


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