We caught up with resident DJ, collector, hip hop knowledge and More Bounce promoter DIDJIT to get a run down of his top 10 EPMD joints.

1. This is how EPMD introduced themselves to the world in the the highly competitive year of 87 you had to be dope to make an impact.

2. Next up EPMD Drop the first single from their 2nd LP, here is a lyric to dismiss any doubters of the mighty rap duo.
People round town talkin this and that
Of how we sound like The R, and our music was wack
Dropped the album strictly business and you thought we was bold
Thirty days later, the lp went gold
So what you sayin?

3. For the 3rd Lp EPMD Had signed with the mighty Def Jam label. So many tracks on this LP. Oh yeah they introduce Redman to the world on this one The track below Featured the Prince of rap LL Cool J.With ground breaking cuts by DJ Scratch…

4. EPMD Flipping hardcore rhymes over Nautilus with future Hip Hop legend Redman. This is Hip Hop perfection right here no question.

5. So that’s 3 lp’s from the rap duo.What can they do next?..Rap is definitely out of control so EPMD Address this on the brilliant crossover the 1st single from the incredible 4th lp Business never personal.A genius tune which has lyrical substance and the funk for the dancefloor.

6. Wow.Lets give the B Side of this single some shine with the super dope Brothers from Brentwood L.I. Erick Sermon is a production master flipping the beauty of a beat Blind Alley for this one..B side wins again?

7. Right i’m picking a Lp cut for the next choice.This one right here is called CHILL
I’ve played this track recently for people and the response is something like this “When did this tune come out?.Amazing!

8. Next up from the New York classic Film Juice Epmd’s contribution to the soundtrack the song it’s going down..It’s definitely going down on this one Erick & Parrish are rhyming on the funk for this one..Wait a minute they always rhyme on the funk but this track is dripping with dense funk someone once said this sounds like you are hearing it from a passing car..

9. Boon Dox the opening track from the 4th lp…What a great way to open this Lp..Coming straight from the Boon Dox.EPMD Bringing a new level of production on this one…EPMD Always had great LP Cuts as well as singles this is prime example of one.Powerful…

10. It’s tough to narrow it down to 10 for one of the most incredible groups in this music called Hip Hop
for the last one i’m choosing a track called “Intrigued” featuring Das efx from Lp Back in business this lp Found EPMD Getting back together after lots of drama featuring one of the groups they brought to the world. The funk is still around for this one…


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