This month’s show had a decidedly mellow flavour with plenty of soulful vibes and jazz-tinged beats throughout, alongside some huge new releases.


Fosterbeats: Let’s Get Low Down
Imani: Stylin’
Hex One: Where I’ll Go
Blu & Exlie: Simply Amazin’ (Still Blazin’)
DJ Agent M: The Green AI Monster
Raiza Biz ft Ill Baz: Diamonds & Gold
Mahogany Jones ft Katrina Mitchell & Jill Grandison: Insight
Carl Larans: Black Xcellence
Maurice Brown ft Talib Kweli: Stand Up
The Jazz Spastiks: Water (Remix)
Oddisee: Beach Dr
Poetra Asantewa/Cina Soul/Ria Boss: Dumb
Jamila Woods ft Chance the Rapper: LSD
The Vintage Babies: Say My Name
Stephen ft Saba, Ravyn Lenae, The O’My’s & J.P. Floyd: The Crossfire
Jamal Joseph Callow: Saxophone Love (Dub)
KA: The Grapes of Wrath
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia: Speak Volumes
Felix de Luca ft Nanna B: New Day
Dizzy Wright ft Demrick: Make Moves Wit Me
Akinyemi: Fleece
Da P: The Hamptons
Solomon’s Garden: Ego
The Foreign Exchange ft Shana Tucker & Eric Robertson: Better
Doodlebug ft Signif: I Never
Moar: Honey
Leikelai47: Money
Fehdah: Money
King Garbage: Forbidden Lovers
The Kount ft flcxne: Last Boogie On Mars
Nitty Scott: La Diaspora
Princess Nokia ft Wiki: Saggy Denim
Dirty Danger ft Bakyu & the Saxman: Rollin’
JuJu & Bluestaeb: Artist’s Duty
Django Mankub & Chester P: E.N.E.R.G.Y.
Benny Mails: Mantra
Nu Vintage: Even If


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