DJ Yoda has handed us this exclusive little top 5 for the site, check it!

1. Big Daddy Kane “It’s A Big Daddy Thing”

This is my favourite album of all time! But I have to be honest, taken out of the context of my own life, I don’t know if it is THE Best Album of All Time for anyone else! It’s more that these 5 records I’m picking hold special nostalgic memories for me growing up. So this album reminds me of when I first got into hip-hop, friends I made, things we got up too! Plus it contains the best live version of a rap song ever (“Wrath of Kane” live at The Apollo).

2. Biz Markie “The Biz Never Sleeps”

Biz is the MC that has most influenced what I try and do as a DJ. He was never afraid to make music that made people laugh and never forgot that ultimately this artform is about entertainment! There’s a song on this album all about body odour (“The Dragon”), and all the sample choices for the beats are impeccable.

3. De La Soul “3 Feet High & Rising”

I know this is an obvious selection, but it can’t be overstated how much De La did for the ideas of sampling in music. It was totally leftfield in 1989 for a rap group to sample pop music or country & western (in fact it would still be pretty weird in 2014), and the fact they were so honest about their musical influences helped to create an album that sounded completely unique. Always sounds fresh.

4. Nice & Smooth “Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed”

Nice & Smooth might be an acquired taste, because their rhymes aren’t technically the best, and their production never goes down as classic – it’s just that the whole package is more than the sum of it’s parts. Something about the vibe is pure energy and fun. Reminds me of Yo! MTV Raps days!

5. EPMD “Strictly Business”

Such a classic rap album, EPMD were personal favourites of mine and this album is flawless. Every rhyme is hard. This is just straight-up rap music with no frills.

DJ Yoda

DJ Yoda doesn’t really need any introduction. The former DMC scratch champion who brought us the pioneering “How to cut and paste” series of mixes. Q magazine’s top ten DJ’s to see before you die. Hip Hop Connection voted him one of the best three DJ’s in the world! We have asked him to come and perform an old school hip hop set in true Slowdown style. It’s going to blow the roof off!


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